Simplified Contact Tracing solution

VisitLogger is designed to help organizations and public places around the world maintain an integrated and centralized database visitors for easy contact tracing and analytics purposes

Step 1

Download visitLogger app on your mobile device or PC

Step 2

Register your organization to get your access details

Step 3

Start capturing data of every visit to your organization

Step 4

Get notified if any of your visitors got infected

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visitLogger is available Free for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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About visitLogger

Doing our part to fight the global pandemic.

  • VisitLogger app is an initiative designed to help organizations around the world maintain an integrated and centralized database of visitors for contact tracing and analytics purposes.

  • Although there are already contact tracing apps out there, VisitorLogger focus on gathering and collaborating data from organizations and public places where exposure can take place, unlike most other contact tracing app that relies on the visitor's input or device connectivity, which is difficult to guarantee in most cases.

  • Since public places in most countries are now required to keep a record of all visitors, VisitLogger relies on that to capture visits from these public places to a centralized database, which can be used to efficiently and quickly analyse or trace contact in the event of exposure, through the help of its intelligent analytic dashboard .

  • About The Developer

    VisitLogger is developed and maintained by Chuka Okoye, a Nigerian software developer and IT consultant with love and passion for problem solving